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Aulonocara Fire Fish

Dragons Blood

Aulono­cara Fire Fish – Aulono­cara Sp. Drag­ons Blood is a very pop­u­lar, vibrant African cich­lid. In the wild, these beau­ties would typ­i­cal­ly be found in Lake Malawi, a rift lake locat­ed in Africa. Most of these fire fish are found to be “hybrid” mean­ing they were man made.

The males are a promi­nent col­or of burst­ing blue, while the females can range in col­ors from sil­vers to greys. Malawi style aquar­i­ums which pro­vide lots of rock to cre­ate pas­sage­ways for the Aulono­cara Fire fish to mean­der through. These areas of cov­er will allow them to claim ter­ri­to­ry, pro­vide them with pro­tec­tion if they need it and it will also reduce stress lev­els of your fish.

Com­mon Name: Aulono­cara Fire Fish

Sci­en­tif­ic Name: Aulono­cara Sp. Drag­ons Blood

Typ­i­cal Adult Fish Size: 13cm / 5 Inch­es

Nat­ur­al Habi­tat: Rift Lake, Malawi, Africa

Ide­al Tank Ecosys­tem: Rocky Malawi style aquar­i­um with plen­ty of open swim­ming space.

Rec­om­mend­ed Aquar­i­um Capac­i­ty: 40 gallon/160 Litres+

Species Com­pat­i­bil­i­ty: Best kept with species of sim­i­lar size and species which are less aggres­sive than african cich­lids. Exam­ples such as Haps and pea­cock cich­lids.

Care Lev­el: Begin­ner+

Aquar­i­um Water Tem­per­a­ture: 23–28°C / 73–82°F

Aquar­i­um Water pH: Range 7.6–8.6

Feed­ing: Omniv­o­rous. Does well on veg­etable. African cich­lid pel­let and flake foods are good as a main diet. Sup­ple­ment pel­lets and flake foods with fresh, rinsed green veg­eta­bles like zuc­chi­ni, romaine and spinach. Blood­worms and brine shrimp are anoth­er great treat.

Sex­ing: Males fea­ture a bright blue col­or while the female can range from sil­ver to grey.

Breed­ing: Pea­cock Cich­lids are mouth­breed­ers. This means that they are capa­ble of hold­ing their eggsy­oung linkmouths. A rec­om­mend­ed water hard­ness of 10–18 dH is their pref­er­ence with warmer tem­per­a­tures rang­ing from 79–84°F (26–29°C). You may find that breed­ing males will show increased lev­els of aggres­sion.

The female will spawn a lit­tle bunch of eggs with­in the rocky bot­tom of the aquar­i­um. The young should be raised on fresh hatched Artemia and a flake food that is rec­om­mend­ed for fry. Ask us what foods we feed to our cich­lids.

Oth­er Con­sid­er­a­tions: The Aulono­cara Fire Fish — Aulono­cara Sp. Drag­ons Blood will thrive in Malawi style nature aquar­i­ums which pro­vide rocky and sandy or fine grav­el areas, with few aquat­ic plants.