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Zebra Danio, schooling

Zebra Danio – Danio Rerio


Zebra Danio – Danio rerio. A trop­i­cal fish that is eas­i­ly rec­og­nized by its hor­i­zon­tal stripes. These stripes are blue to pur­ple in col­or. Their body has col­ors from sil­vers to gold tones.

Zebra Danio – Danio rerio school in num­bers of six or more and will be seen near the mid­dle and top areas of your aquar­i­um.

Because they are com­mu­ni­ty fish and are a hardy fish species, they are the per­fect begin­ner fish.

See how these beau­ti­ful fish con­trast against the live plants in your plant­ed tank.


More About Zebra Danio:


Com­mon Name: Striped Danio, Zebra Fish

Sci­en­tif­ic Name: Danio rerio

Size: 1.5 — 2″

Nat­ur­al Habi­tat: East­ern India. Mov­ing waters.

Aquar­i­um Size: 10 gal­lon+

Tank Mates: Ple­cos­to­mus, Cat­fish, Yoyo Loach, Bala Shark, Rain­bow­fish, barbs, Red Tail Shark, Clown Loach, Platy, Sword­tail, Mol­ly, Cory­do­ra, Cat­fish and small Goura­mi.

Care Lev­el: Begin­ner+

Water Tem­per­a­ture: 65°F — 75°F (18°C — 24°C)


What Do I Feed My Zebra Danio?

  • They are omni­vores
  • Feed a var­ied diet
  • Flake food
  • Frozen food
  • Small trop­i­cal pel­let



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Danio rerio post pho­to cred­it: Pho­to by Lynn Ketchum, cour­tesy of Ore­gon State Uni­ver­si­ty