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Zebra Danio – Danio Rerio


Zebra Danio – Danio rerio is a begin­ner fish because they are com­mu­ni­ty fish and are easy to care for.

In the wild, they can be seen in areas of Pak­istan, Unit­ed States, India, and Nepal.

Danio rerio like to school in num­bers of six or more and can be seen near the mid­dle and top areas of your aquar­i­um.

These beau­ti­ful fish make great col­or con­trasts against the plants in a plant­ed tank.


Com­mon Name: Striped Danio, Zebra Fish


Care Lev­el: Begin­ner+


Size: 1.5 — 2″


Life Span: 3 — 5 years


Tank Mates: Ple­cos­to­mus Cat­fish, Yoyo Loach­es, Bala Sharks, all Rain­bows and Barbs, Red Tail Shark, Clown Loach­es, Platies, Sword­tails, Mol­lies, Cory­do­ras Cat­fish and small­er sized Goura­mi.

Known to coex­ist with Tetraodon cut­cu­tia puffer­fish.


Water Tem­per­a­ture: 65°F — 75°F (18°C — 24°C)


Aquar­i­um Size: 10 gal­lon+



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