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Red Cherry Shrimp post pic


Red Cher­ry Shrimp – Neo­carid­i­na den­tic­u­la­ta sinen­sis are tiny shrimp. They are known as the clean up crew because they feed on left-over food and algae that is remain­ing in the aquar­i­um.

These shrimp are a pop­u­lar species of shrimp because they are hardy, look beau­ti­ful against live aquar­i­um plants, they are cheap and very cool to watch. I could lit­er­al­ly spend hours watch­ing the shrimp at our shop.

The bright red col­or of the Neo­carid­i­na den­tic­u­la­ta sinen­sis comes from the many years of research and selec­tive breed­ing.



More About Red Cherry Shrimp:


Com­mon Name: Cher­ry Red Shrimp, Red Cher­ry Shrimp, RCS (short form)

Care Lev­el: Begin­ner+

Size: Up to 1.2″

Life Span: Up to 1.5 years

Tank Area: Found on the bot­tom or in mid aquar­i­um but can be found every­where.

Tank Mates: Com­pat­i­ble with peace­ful, small fish like car­di­nals, glow light tetra, neons, dan­ios

Water Tem­per­a­ture: 70°F-80°F (21 -27°C)

pH: 6–7.0 to 7.0–8.4

Adapts best in soft to medi­um hard water in the alka­line range.



Other Considerations:


If you have high­er pH water from the tap, use Flu­val Stra­tum. It’s like a soil and this prod­uct will nat­u­ral­ly sta­bi­lize your pH lev­els and add nutri­ents to your plant­ed tank.

We use Flu­val Stra­tum at our exot­ic pet shop for our shrimp tanks, some of the trop­i­cal fish tanks and our planted/aquascaped aquar­i­ums. We love this prod­uct. It also looks super amaz­ing with the con­trast­ing greens of the plants and the col­ors of the fish real­ly stand out.



TailsNTeeth™ Water Change Tip:


  • Fill enough water into a large buck­et or rub­ber­maid for a water change (At our shop, Phil’s Pets, we use 61L oval pre­formed ponds for aging our water)
  • Add Prime by Seachem to dechlo­ri­nate water
  • Leave in your buck­et for 2 days to age
  • Chlo­rine and oth­er tox­ic com­pounds will evap­o­rate
  • Use a spare heater to get the water in your buck­et to tem­per­a­ture of the aquar­i­um
  • Now your water is ready for the week­ly water change