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Betta Fish Bed Leaf Hammock

By Zoo Med

The Betta fish bed leaf hammock by Zoo Med is a naturalistic leaf made specifically for Betta fish. This leaf allows for your Betta to swim to the top and rest on the surface of the water mimicking what they do in nature. The Betta fish bed leaf hammock comes with a suction cup which will allow you to attach the leaf to the Betta enclosure. You will enjoy watching your betta hang out on the leaf in your betta tank.




  • Train your Bet­ta to use the Bet­ta Bed Leaf Ham­mock by feed­ing your bet­ta above the leaf
  • As the water evap­o­rates, be sure to add more water to allow your bet­ta to swim onto the leaf


  • Remove from pack­ag­ing care­ful­ly
  • Rinse the leaf and suc­tion cup with plain water
  • Insert the stem of the leaf into the hole of the suc­tion cup pro­vid­ed
  • Attach to your Betta’s enclo­sure approx­i­mate­ly 3/4″ (19mm) from the water sur­face




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