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Betta Fish Puzzle Aquarium Kit – Desktop

Betta Puzzle Aqueon




Betta Fish Puzzle Aquarium Kit – desktop aquarium. A fun and uniquely designed aquarium for your betta fish. Interlock four together to create the ultimate puzzle!

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Betta Fish Puzzle Aquarium Kit – Desktop

By Aqueon


Bet­ta Fish Puz­zle Aquar­i­um Kit – desk­top aquar­i­um. A fun and unique­ly designed aquar­i­um for your bet­ta fish. Inter­lock four togeth­er to cre­ate the ulti­mate puz­zle!



  • Fun and unique design
  • 1/2 gal­lon aquar­i­um mea­sures 7.5″ x 5.25″ x 6.9″
  • Great begin­ner aquar­i­um
  • Choice of Red or Blue col­ors
  • Inter­locks with up to four bet­ta fish puz­zle aquar­i­um kits
  • Frost­ed walls
  • Bet­ta can­not see each oth­er when inter­locked
  • Con­ve­nient feed hole design
  • Feed your bet­ta with­out tak­ing entire lid off
  • Dec­o­ra­tive grav­el, plant, food care, water care includ­ed




Recommended PDF:

PDF file of Bet­ta Puz­zle Set­up Guide

Drip loop for aquar­i­um PDF file Drip Loop


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Blue, Red

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