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Mono Potassium Sulphate – Aquatic Plant Nutrient

A great way to fertilize your aquascape or underwater gardening!


Mono Potassium Sulphate – Aquatic Plant Nutrient


Mono Potas­si­um Sul­phate – Aquat­ic Plant Nutri­ent can be used for hydro­pon­ics or aquar­i­um use.



  • Sol­u­ble
  • Used as fer­til­iz­er, food addi­tive and a fungi­cide
  • Source of phos­pho­rus and potas­si­um
  • Also acts as a buffer­ing agent
  • When used in fer­til­iz­er mix­tures with urea and ammo­ni­um phos­phates it min­i­mizes the escape of ammo­nia by keep­ing pH at fair­ly low lev­el
  • 500g


**Upon buy­ing this item you remove any and all lia­bil­i­ties involved in using this com­pound from the sell­er.**



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