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Strong Plant Roots – ROOT TABS®


Adding fertilizers to a planted tank or aquascape will ensure that your plants thrive in your aquarium.

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  • Supe­ri­or plant fer­til­iz­er
  • Tablet form
  • Easy to use
  • Pro­mote lush growth of live aquar­i­um plants
  • Devel­op stronger roots for your plants
  • Con­tains iron


Other Considerations:

  • Aquar­i­um plants will yel­low, drop their leaves and die with­out prop­er fer­til­iza­tion
  • Aquat­ic plants need spe­cial nutri­ents for opti­mal, vibrant growth
  • Strong Plant Roots – ROOT TABS® sup­ply key nutri­ents
  • Includes iron, potas­si­um, car­bon
  • Helps new aquat­ic plants get a stronger start
  • Keeps plants flour­ish­ing
  • Over time, nutri­ents are con­sumed in the aquar­i­um
  • Must keep adding fer­til­iz­ers for plants to thrive
  • Safe for trop­i­cal fish species
  • Blis­ter card with 10 tablets



  • Add 1 tablet for every 194 sq. cm (30 sq. in) of grav­el sur­face
  • Push mid­way into the bed of the grav­el
  • Stan­dard 39L (10 U.S.) gal­lon of aquar­i­um needs 6 tablets
  • Add new tablets month­ly for opti­mal growth of your aquat­ic live plants


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