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Crazy Acrylic Leather Filled Box – Medium Parrot Toy


This acrylic box is a fun, durable parrot toy that will be enjoyed by your bird companion for hours!

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By Zoo Max

This crazy acrylic leather filled box – medi­um par­rot toy by Zoo Max is very resis­tant. The box is filled with pieces of veg­etable leather.

Each Zoo Max toy has its’ own spe­cial name. The Crazy Acrylic Leather Filled Box – Medi­um Par­rot Toy is named “Crazy”.

  • Made of 1/4″ thick acrylic
  • Durable
  • Size 6“x6”
  • Filled with pieces of veg­etable leather
  • Refill­able
  • Hours of fun for birds to emp­ty
  • Birds can emp­ty from the holes on the side of the box
  • Rope is made of 100% cot­ton
  • Col­or may vary from pic­ture
  • Made in Cana­da


How To Refill The Box:

  • To open, undo the knot on the top of box
  • Refill the box with leather or their oth­er spe­cial treats and for­ag­ing items


Product#: 276M



Zoo Max


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