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Playful Kitty Catnip – Bubbles



Playful kitty catnip – bubbles are made with natural catnip (Nepeta cataria) oils. Cats love to be playful and are full of energy. This fun and interactive product has been specifically formulated to create long lasting bubbles for your kitty. Make everyday a playful day. All ages will enjoy this product. Comes in a 236mL bottle.


Playful kitty catnip bubble

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Playful Kitty Catnip – Bubbles


  • Bub­bly
  • Long last­ing bub­bles
  • Safe to use
  • Con­tains nat­ur­al Nepe­ta cataria (cat­nip) oils
  • Play time fun
  • Fun for all ages
  • Cat will chase bub­bles
  • Bub­ble wand
  • Inter­ac­tive
  • 236mL bot­tle




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