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Reptile Amphibian Arachnid – Primate Skull Terrarium Decoration


A multi-functional primitive looking decoration that can be used with reptiles, amphibians, fish, arachnid and more!

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Brands Exo Terra Reptile


By Exo Terra

Rep­tile Amphib­ian Arach­nid – Pri­mate Skull Ter­rar­i­um Dec­o­ra­tion. A mul­ti-func­tion­al prim­i­tive look­ing dec­o­ra­tion that can be used with rep­tiles, amphib­ians, fish, arach­nid and more!


  • Designed by Exo Ter­ra
  • Mul­ti-func­tion­al
  • Looks prim­i­tive
  • Dec­o­ra­tive
  • Artis­tic
  • White/Cream col­or with peach-orange high­lights
  • Fake cracked skull look
  • Tex­tured to touch
  • Pro­vide a safe cave for a hid­ing place
  • Reduce stress on your pets
  • For your rep­tiles, amphib­ians, fish, arach­nid and more!
  • Your pet can eas­i­ly move in and out of the eyes and the crack in the back of the skull (depend­ing on their size)
  • Use it in any type of aquar­i­um or ter­rar­i­um
  • Allows for a humid micro-cli­mate
  • Attach and grow dif­fer­ent types of aquat­ic moss or plants on top of the skull to cre­ate a unique look
  • Use in your ter­rar­i­um to high­light plants
  • Designed with food-grade resin mate­r­i­al
  • Durable
  • Small size
  • Prod­uct# PT2926



Give a different look to your primitive skull in your aquarium or terrarium.

Add an LED light inside the skull.

If used in areas of water, ensure you are using an aquatic LED light.

Need guidance? Send us a message and we’ll get you started!


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Brands Exo Terra Reptile


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