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Grain Free Ferret Food – All Sizes

Feed your ferret this nutritional Grain Free Ferret Food – All Sizes kibble food.

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By True North

  • Grain free
  • Suit­able for all sized fer­rets
  • Pro­tein-rich kib­ble
  • Freeze-dried raw for opti­mal health & nutri­tion
  • Nat­ur­al good­ness of raw
  • High in meat pro­tein (chick­en, turkey, wild Pacif­ic salmon, her­ring and cod) for lean mus­cle and a healthy body
  • Omega fat­ty acids from fish oils for brain devel­op­ment and lus­trous skin and coat
  • Low glycemic carbs for digestibil­i­ty
  • High in fat (20%): con­cen­trat­ed and digestible source of ener­gy
  • Kib­ble
  • Guide­lines giv­en are approx­i­mate as the quan­ti­ty of food your fer­ret needs is based upon its age, weight, activ­i­ty lev­el and envi­ron­ment.
  • Start with our rec­om­men­da­tions
  • Adjust as need­ed
  • Ensure your fer­ret always has clean, fresh drink­ing water
  • Weight mon­i­tor­ing is rec­om­mend­ed through­out your ferret’s life stages
  • Made in Cana­da


Why Feed Your Ferrets Grain Free Foods:

Fer­rets are oblig­ate car­ni­vores, (meat eaters). They have short diges­tive tracts which pass food quick­ly through their sys­tems. Because they require foods that are eas­i­ly digestible, fer­ret diets should be high in meat pro­tein, low in carbs, low in fiber and con­tain very lit­tle to no grains.


Changing Diet To True North Diet:

It is impor­tant to grad­u­al­ly tran­si­tion your fer­ret from one food to anoth­er. Start with a pro­por­tion of 25 % True North to 75 % pre­vi­ous diet. Slow­ly change the pro­por­tions over the next 5–7 days by grad­u­al­ly increas­ing the amount of Grain Free Fer­ret Food – All Sizes by True North and decreas­ing the amount of pre­vi­ous diet.


Daily Feeding Recommendations:
Growth Stages

3 Weeks:
  • Intro­duce a small quan­ti­ty of Grain Free Fer­ret Food – All Sizes by True North
  • Soak in warm water
  • Grad­u­al­ly tran­si­tion to dry­er kib­bles
  • Dis­card uneat­en soaked kib­bles after a few hours and refill to ensure fresh­ness
4 — 6 Weeks:
  • Freely feed fresh dry food
  • Con­sump­tion is approx. 8% of body weight
  • Freely feed fresh food dai­ly
  • unless weight gain con­cerns that may require feed­ing be restrict­ed to 5% of body weight.
  • Ges­ta­tion Dur­ing ear­ly ges­ta­tion increase por­tion by 25–50%.
  • Dur­ing late ges­ta­tion and through­out lac­ta­tion: Free feed with­out restric­tion.



Deboned chick­en, deboned turkey, chick­en meal, turkey meal, salmon, chick­en liv­er, chick­en heart, turkey liv­er, turkey heart, her­ring, cod, cod liv­er, whole eggs, peas, chick­en fat (pre­served with mixed toco­pherols), red lentils, sweet pota­toes, chick­peas, nat­ur­al chick­en fla­vor, sun-cured alfal­fa meal, freeze-dried chick­en, freeze-dried pump­kin, freeze-dried chick­en liv­er, freeze-dried green mus­sels, freeze-dried cod liv­er, freeze-dried kelp, salmon oil, her­ring oil, coconut oil, pump­kin, but­ter­nut squash, car­rots, spinach, broc­coli, apples, blue­ber­ries, cran­ber­ries, pome­gran­ate, juniper berry extract, gin­ger, fen­nel, chamomile, pep­per­mint leaf, licorice root, turmer­ic, valer­ian root, vit­a­mins (vit­a­min E sup­ple­ment, ascor­bic acid (vit­a­min C), vit­a­min A sup­ple­ment, niacin, cal­ci­um pan­tothen­ate, inos­i­tol, riboflavin, pyri­dox­ine hydrochlo­ride, thi­amine monon­i­trate, biotin, vit­a­min B12 sup­ple­ment, vit­a­min D3 sup­ple­ment, folic acid), min­er­als (zinc oxide, zinc pro­teinate, iron pro­teinate, fer­rous sul­fate, cop­per pro­teinate, cop­per sul­fate, man­ganese pro­teinate, manganous oxide, cal­ci­um iodate, sodi­um selen­ite), salt, choline chlo­ride, tau­rine, potas­si­um chlo­ride, DL-methio­n­ine, L-lysine, chico­ry root extract, yuc­ca schidi­g­era extract, yeast extract, thyme extract, glu­cosamine hydrochlo­ride, rose­mary extract, chon­droitin sul­fate, L-car­ni­tine, dried Lac­to­bacil­lus plan­tarum fer­men­ta­tion prod­uct, dried Ente­ro­coc­cus fae­ci­um fer­men­ta­tion prod­uct, dried Bacil­lus sub­tilis fer­men­ta­tion prod­uct, dried Bifi­dobac­teri­um ani­malis fer­men­ta­tion prod­uct, dried Lac­to­bacil­lus casei fer­men­ta­tion prod­uct, dried Lac­to­bacil­lus hel­veti­cus fer­men­ta­tion prod­uct, dried Bifi­dobac­teri­um longum fer­men­ta­tion prod­uct, dried Lac­to­bacil­lus aci­dophilus fer­men­ta­tion prod­uct


Guaranteed Analysis:
  • Crude pro­tein min. 42.0%
  • Crude fat min. 20.0%
  • Crude fiber max. 3.5%
  • Mois­ture max. 10.0%
  • Ash max. 7.5%
  • Cal­ci­um min. 1.1%
  • Phos­pho­rus min. 0.9%
  • Mag­ne­sium max. 0.1%
  • Vit­a­min A min. 25,000 IU/kg
  • Vit­a­min D3 min. 1,600 IU/kg
  • Vit­a­min E min. 130 IU/kg
  • Tau­rine min. 0.15%
  • Ascor­bic acid (Vit.C) min. 60 mg/kg
  • Omega-6 fat­ty acids* min. 3.5%
  • Omega-3 fat­ty acids* min. 0.4%
  • Glu­cosamine* min. 800 mg/kg
  • Chon­droitin sul­fate* min. 400 mg/kg
  • Total microor­gan­isms min. 225,000,000 CFU/lb


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