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Turquoise Rainbowfish – Melanotaenia lacustris

Turquoise Rain­bow­fish – Melan­o­tae­nia lacus­tris is a beau­ti­ful, peace­ful fish with an endear­ing per­son­al­i­ty. It is the larg­er species of the Rain­bow­fish. They have con­stant­ly chang­ing col­or­ing, how­ev­er, always fea­ture beau­ti­ful col­ors. These qual­i­ties make the Lake Kutubu Rain­bow­fish one of the most amaz­ing fresh­wa­ter fish in the hob­by.


Com­mon Name: Turquoise Rain­bow­fish

Sci­en­tif­ic Name: Melan­o­tae­nia lacus­tris

Size: 8 – 10 CM

Nat­ur­al Habi­tat: South­east Asia, Thai­land

Ide­al Tank: Turquoise Rain­bows are a very pop­u­lar aquar­i­um fish, and have lit­tle require­ments. A peace­ful com­mu­ni­ty aquar­i­um. Rain­bows would ide­al­ly be in a plant­ed tank. When hous­ing Turquoise Rainbow’s in cap­tiv­i­ty, it is impor­tant to pro­vide them with a longer sized aquar­i­um that has a selec­tion of plants and plen­ty of room for these guys to mean­der about the tank. They are also well known jumpers, ther­fore rec­om­mend their aquar­i­um should be ful­ly cov­ered to pre­vent them from jump­ing out of the aquar­i­um if they get star­tled.

Tank Size: 55 gal­lon / 240 litre

Tank Mates: Peace­ful com­mu­ni­ty tank mates Molly’s, Gup­pies, Platy and Tetra’s.

Aquar­i­um Water Tem­per­a­ture: 23 – 32°C / 73 – 89°F

Aquar­i­um Water pH: Range pH 4.5 – 7.5

Feed­ing: The Turquoise Rain­bow­fish should be fed once or twice a day. All food should be con­sumed after just a few min­utes. A flake food diet is a good base for the Rain­bow, how­ev­er it is bet­ter to be sup­ple­ment­ed with live food. Your Rain­bow will sur­vive on flake food alone, but the live food makes the Rain­bow thrive. Frozen or live brine shrimp are pop­u­lar Rain­bow fish foods because brine shrimp is sim­ple to pro­duce at home. Blood­worms, micro worms, fruit flies, mos­qui­to lar­vae, daph­nia and diced Earth­worms are oth­er exam­ples of suit­able food for your Turquoise Rain­bow­fish – Melan­o­tae­nia lacus­tris.

Sex­ing: Males are brighter col­or­ing than females but only slight­ly brighter col­or most of the time. When in breed­ing mode the alpha male, dom­i­nant male, will bright­en up to a stun­ning tone of elec­tric blue and his fore­head will shade to yel­low. This yel­low on his fore­head will reflect to attract the females.


Oth­er Con­sid­er­a­tions: Ensure that your fresh­wa­ter fish aquar­i­um is cycled before adding these fish.

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